Chabi Lal Kandel – Executive Director

Food quality, Food security, Food Management and Food Processing are today’s global concern and Food Technology is the multidisciplinary subject aimed at integrating the above mentioned concern of the world.

The production and distribution of food is the largest and most important economic activity in the world. The health and welfare of people everywhere depend on good agriculture yields and on the reliable storage successful processing and safe handling of all type of foods. Today there are plenty of excellent opportunities in research foundation, analytical testing,quality control, Production and marketing of food items, hospitals and academic institutions in Nations and Abroad. To fulfill the demand of the food Professionals in Nations and Abroad as well. Nagarik College was established at Gaindakot with all facilities needed for students for their academic carrier and practical exposure.

Nagarik College was established with Objective to produce a considerable number of exemplary students in food technology field for the development of Nation. Thanks for our teaching faculties, Administration staff, and well wishers who have helped to develop in college as unique college in this region.

Deepak Raut – Board of Director

Everyone must seek their best career opportunity in his/her life. This is the 21st Century and the challenges are being grown. One must study the market to do anything. Those who would become successful are able to choose the best of all the best. Generally students after +2 science or relevant rarely think of this. As a result, they become unable to choose the best career. What I mean to say is ‘think before you leap’.

I think one of the best subjects to be chosen is Bachelor in Food Technology (B.Tech. Food) Why? Anyone may question. Because this is the subject or field locally and globally in high demand. This is the post-harvest technology directly related to human needs. Food quality is the concern of the government and every individual at this moment. That is why this is the best degree of this era.

Nagarik College, affiliated with T.U. is the only institution in this region to offer these 4 years applied science course. Do come, visit our personnel and syllabus, trust us and join us and make your future career brighter and safe. We believe in quality. We provide education pragmatically. Students satisfaction and quality education is our ultimate goal. Our qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculty members, well-equipped labs, self-oriented administrative staff are our assets.

We love to welcome you all to Nagarik College where your wish comes true.

M.P. Tiwari- Program Coordinator

The upcoming life-changing technologies and create different fields that are open to academic research and employment has made one thing sure that knowledge will be the key to everything to make a successful carrier. Among the technical fields, food science and technology is a vast field that includes applied science from Engineering Processing and food production technologies. It covers the different fields of science including Food Quality Control, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Human, Nutrition, Post Harvest Technology, Storage and Packaging Technology for different food commodities as well as the organizational and cooperative management system.


Dhurba Kafle – Board of Director

We wish all the best to all our students who are enrolled with this institution to succeed in their dreams to be a successful food technologist.

Laxmi Kharel- Board of Director

Nagarik College provides all the necessary amenities to provide state of art skills, experience, and knowledge to become a competent food technologist in the national and international market.